GRIZZLIES SIGN 2 PLAYERS: Utah Grizzlies coach and general manager Butch Goring announced Monday that the Grizzlies have signed center Mike Legg and defenseman Nick Naumenko in preparation for September's training camp.


PEELER CASE RESOLVED: An Atlanta woman who claimed she was bitten, choked and threatened with a pistol by Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Peeler has been awarded $2.4 million in damages.

STALEY JUMPS TO WNBA: Score another victory for the WNBA, which signed star ABL guard Dawn Staley to a three-year contract Monday.

Staley, a starter for the U.S. team that won the gold medal in the World Championships in June, also was a key member of the gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic team in 1996. The 5-foot-6 point guard started in both ABL All-Star games.

SPREWELL REFILES SUIT: Latrell Sprewell wants to regain his reputation as an All-Star player and not as a hothead, and that's the main reason he has refiled a lawsuit against the NBA and the Golden State Warriors.

Sprewell filed a new suit Monday, a month after the original action was dismissed by a federal judge, and included new accusations that three NBA security employees shredded evidence that would have exonerated him.


ACCIDENT ENRAGES TYSON: Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and his wife, Monica Turner, were involved in a minor auto accident in Gaithersburg, Md., Monday, and police said Tyson had to be restrained by his own bodyguards from fighting the driver of the other car.

Tyson was a passenger in the Mercedes convertible driven by Turner, who apparently struck the car in front of her, said Derek Baliles, a spokesman for the Montgomery County police.

EX-CHAMP ARRESTED: Former heavyweight champion Michael Dokes, whose once promising career was derailed by drug problems, is being held without bail after his arrest for allegedly beating and sexually assaulting his fiancee.


NO CHARGES AGAINST ALLEN: An investigation into sex-assault allegations against Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Larry Allen ended without any charges being filed.

A 37-year-old topless dancer said last week that Allen forced her to have sex at knifepoint Aug. 24 in the parking lot of Kings' Cabaret dance club.

STEELER SUSPENDED FOR ANDRO USE: Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle Paul Wiggins, who admits he didn't read the rules before taking a banned diet supplement, doesn't understand how he is being penalized for something slugger Mark McGwire does freely and openly.

Wiggins acknowledged that he took androstenedione before this year's training camp. The drug showed up in increased testosterone levels in Wiggins' urine, prompting a four-game NFL suspension for the reserve lineman.

Auto racing

NASCAR TAKES GORDON'S TIRES: Jeff Gordon won his latest race Sunday with some shrewd pit strategy - a strategy that prompt-ed racing authorities to impound some of Gordon's tires for a closer inspection.

Gordon, who struggled throughout the race, took only two fresh tires during a late pit stop, came out first and pulled away to his ninth victory of the season and fifth in the last six races.