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Postal Service to create system that tracks the mail

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It's 10 p.m. Do you know where your mail is?

In the future you'll be able to find out, says Postmaster General William J. Henderson.He announced Monday that his agency is launching an effort to create a new "information platform" to track the movement of mail.

"We will know, for example, what class of mail it is, which machine handled it, the date and time it was processed and virtually any other piece of information that we or our customers require," Henderson said at the opening session of the National Postal Forum.

That information will allow the post office to better track the movement of mail, handle transportation and delivery and cut costs, he told the gathering of major mailers and businesses that work with the post office. He did not specify how customers would be able to track their mail.

While details of the mail tracking system have not been finalized, computer access seems the most likely method.