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Shame on Paramount

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I have four words for Paramount: "Are you for real?" Does this company think that it is so all-powerful that it can actually tell us consumers what we can do with our own personal property? I have bought and paid for my own copy of "Titanic," which I saw and loved.

However, I have three young children who would also like to see this movie, and I certainly don't want them seeing the nude scene and the "back seat" scene and have to explain these to them. I would have edited my own copy with Scotch tape, but I have taken it to Sunrise Family Video instead.I feel as long as I am obeying the copyright laws by not showing the movie for profit, etc., that I can do anything with this tape I would like, including adding a clip of a Mickey Mouse cartoon in the middle of it if I so choose. Thank you, Sunrise Family Video, for having the integrity and the courage to make this movie more family watchable for those of us who want it.

And shame on you, Paramount, you really blew it. You could have made it easier for what seems to be a growing number of people fed up with the content of movies that are not family friendly and sold edited copies yourselves. But don't try to tell us what we can do with our own possessions; we already ripped the tags off our mattresses.

Michele Maughan