KFC, Wendy's, chicken tacos? Whatever your taste, chicken is a popular form of protein in the American diet.

Suppose, just for the sake of argument, that Oprah (no offense intended to Oprah) decided to visit a chicken processing plant. The chickens are captured, hung upside down and the chicken executioner does his thing. Ever hear the term "flopping around like a chicken with its head cut off"?Let's say that Oprah and her audience find the episode distasteful; they form a "save the chicken movement" and voila - no more Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Sound preposterous? Not really. California voters, most of whom dwell in large cities, voted by initiative to take wildlife management out of the hands of wildlife managers. You cannot kill a mountain lion in that state. Mountain lions have become a problem in California, where they have killed several people and regularly invade urban areas in search of cats and dogs. Schoolchildren in the San Diego area are given "what to do if confronted by a cougar" lectures.

I recall hearing a shaken wildlife officer describe the discovery of a woman who had been killed and partially eaten by a mountain lion. The woman had been conscious at the beginning of the ordeal. Not a pleasant thought.

Wildlife management, under present Utah law, is capable of controlling the number of predators near populated areas, and hunting is said to create a fear of humans in the predator population.

As attractive as Oprah may be, she isn't right for the job of killing chickens. That doesn't mean that someone else isn't.

Vote yes on Prop 5. Let professional wildlife managers do their work.

Tanner Hall