Death row inmate Roberto Arguelles is back in prison and recuperating from injuries incurred during a suicide attempt last month.

"He's coherent, communicative and is getting along fine," said Corrections spokesman Jack Ford.Arguelles remains in a cell monitored by a camera in the middle of the Medical Unit at the Utah State Prison and no longer appears to be any threat to himself.

"He's not in a restraint right now. But that's a day-to-day thing," Ford said. To ensure his safety, "he is in a place where he has minute-by-minute access to medical personnel."

Following a suicide attempt last month, Arguelles remained hospitalized and restrained until his release from University Hospital Sept. 4. As long as he is intent on hurting himself, prison officials are bound by law to stop him. And that may include having to restrain him, said Corrections spokesman Jesse Gallegos.

Arguelles, 36, has repeatedly stated that he wants to die for his crimes and will fight any effort to appeal his death sentences. He was on 24-hour suicide watch on Aug. 12 when he hanged himself in his maximum-security cell with a laundry bag apparently sneaked to him by another inmate. He had tried to cut his wrists a week earlier.

The serial killer, who confessed in 1996 to the sex murders of four women four years earlier, apparently suffered some neurological motor damage due to asphyxia, but he is "recovering from his condition," Ford said.