Utah Valley State College again has turned away an estimated 2,000 students who could not find classes needed to complete freshman and sophomore requirements at the open-enrollment school.

For the second consecutive year, space constraints have hindered UVSC's ability to handle a sudden enrollment surge. Early enrollment figures show a 2,500-student increase over last year's figures.Classrooms at the Orem campus and several branches in nearby cities are packed full, said UVSC President Kerry D. Romesburg. At this time last year, nearly 13,243 students had signed up at UVSC. Registrars on Thursday counted 15,827 students taking at least one college class.

Some 10,868 students are taking at least 12 credit hours, up from 9,370 last year.

"It's looking like it was last year," said Derek Hall, school spokesman. "Three weeks before school started all the math and English classes were filled. Anytime we opened a few sections - at night or on Saturdays - they were filled in a few hours."