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WSU revamps lineup vs. Humboldt

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Even after logging a 38-7 win in his first game as a head coach, Jerry Graybeal knew his team wasn't playing the way he had hoped.

In fact, he saw so many mistakes when reviewing the game film, he decided to shake up the Weber State depth chart a bit in order to motivate a few players."There were a lot of missed assignments on offense," Graybeal said. "And because of that, you'll notice some changes on the depth chart."

The Wildcats sputtered on offense not only because of missed assignments but also because several Steve Buck passes were dropped, killing drives that might have made the final score even more lopsided.

The most notable change is starting reciever Jimmy Atkins is no longer starting. Rashard Magee will step into the opening lineup after Atkins had a few balls slip through his hands.

"We've got some pretty mature players," Graybeal said. "They realize that some things need to be done in order to earn playing time. I think everyone will try harder this week."

Of course, helping the Wildcats work out a few more kinks in the offense will be a date tonight with Humboldt State in Stewart Stadium. Just don't tell Graybeal this should be an easy win.

"I don't call it a building game," he said. "I call it, like any other game, a game to make adjustments and get better."

The teams kick off at 6 p.m.

One little adjustment Graybeal has made is to the tight end position. William Hawes, a former starter at defensive end, has moved to the other side of the line and will take his shot at catching and running over linebackers. At 6-4, 270, "That should create a few matchup problems," Graybeal said.

Graybeal added that he was toying with multiple tight end formations and was prepared to see what his team could do offensively. "We think we have some strengths at some positions," he said. "We'll try to exploit them and take advantage of people if we can."