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Poll shows support for president strong

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Most Americans say President Clinton is doing a good job and should not resign or be impeached, says a poll taken a few hours after the release of the report detailing his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

The report by special prosecutor Kenneth Starr detailed Clinton's sexual relationship with the former White House intern and claimed substantial evidence of impeachable offenses.A CNN/Gallup poll released late Friday placed the president's job approval rating at 62 percent, about where it was before the report was released. And slightly more than six of 10 Americans believe he should not be impeached or removed from office, similar to the total who said that in a Gallup poll Thursday night.

More than half, 58 percent, said Congress should vote to censure the president for behavior that has eroded the public's respect for his ethics and truthfulness.

Almost 60 percent thought Clinton was fit to be president.

Analysts caution that such polls taken immediately after an event may not pick up shifts in opinion.