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Tips and tricks for home and garden

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Ideas from Home & Garden Television:

Plastic annuals:

To aid in the success of the annual plants in your garden, leave them in black plastic containers when placing them in the garden. The black containers heat up faster in the spring, and you can easily add fertilizer. This method allows the plants to be in their true position in the garden to ensure growth.

-Grow It! A Gardener's Guide

Computer matches:

If you are having trouble finding that perfect shade of paint to match your upholstery, cut out a square inch of the color and take it to your local paint store. The computer should be able to identify and mix that perfect shade from the little square of color that you provide.

-Homewise With Beverly

Milky way:

An easy way to add luster to your indoor plants is to wipe them occasionally with a mixture of water and milk. The milk will leave a shine to your plants that would not appear if you just dusted them.

-Grow It! A Gardener's Guide