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NFL: Head-to-head

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AT N.Y. JETS (0-1)


11 a.m.

SERIES RECORD: Jets lead 1-0.

LAST TIME MET: Jets beat Ravens 19-16 in OT on Nov. 2, 1997, at New York.

LAST WEEK: Ravens lost to Pittsburgh 20-13; Jets lost at San Francisco 36-30 in OT.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Ravens backup QB Eric Zeier was 16-for-27 for 240 yards and 1 TD. Jets QB Glenn Foley threw for 415 yards and 3 TDs.

OFFENSE: RAVENS - RUSH (No. 11), PASS (No. 6T), OVERALL (No. 5); JETS - RUSH (No. 25), PASS (No. 1), OVERALL (No. 2)

DEFENSE: RAVENS - RUSH (No. 21), PASS (No. 4T), OVERALL (No. 7); JETS - RUSH (No. 30), PASS (No. 29), OVERALL (No. 30)

THE LOWDOWN: Ravens played well in loss to Steelers in opener and will score points whether Jim Harbaugh or Eric Zeier starts. Jets scored plenty against a good 49ers' defense last week before coming up short. They could be in for more of the same here.

PREDICTION: Ravens 24, Jets 21


AT MIAMI (1-0)


11 a.m.

SERIES RECORD: Dolphins lead 41-22-1.

LAST TIME MET: Dolphins beat Bills 30-13 on Nov. 17, 1997, at Miami.

LAST WEEK: Bills lost to San Diego 16-14. Dolphins beat Indianapolis 24-15.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Bills backup QB Doug Flutie was 12-for-20 for 158 yards and 1 TD. Dolphins CB Terrell Buckley had 2 INTs, including 1 for TD.

OFFENSE: BILLS - RUSH (No. 15T), PASS (No. 18T), OVERALL (No. 21); DOLPHINS - RUSH (No. 7), PASS (No. 29), OVERALL (No. 23)

DEFENSE: BILLS - RUSH (No. 8), PASS (No. 8), OVERALL (No. 5); DOLPHINS - RUSH (No. 7), PASS (No. 28), OVERALL (No. 20)

THE LOWDOWN: Dolphins looking for their fifth straight 2-0 start, however, they'll get a challenge from a strong Bills' defense. Buffalo lost their opener on a missed field goal and will make this one close before coming up short again.

PREDICTION: Dolphins 20, Bills 17




11 a.m.

SERIES RECORD: Panthers lead 4-2.

LAST TIME MET: Saints beat Panthers 16-13 on Nov. 30, 1997, at Carolina.

LAST WEEK: Panthers lost to Falcons 19-14. Saints beat Rams 24-17.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Panthers WR Rag-hib Ismail had 6 catches for 119 yards. S Sammy Knight had 9 tackles and an INT that helped set up score.

OFFENSE: PANTHERS - RUSH (No. 26), PASS (No. 8), OVERALL (No. 17); SAINTS - RUSH (No. 30), PASS (No. 20), OVERALL (No. 28)

DEFENSE: PANTHERS - RUSH (No. 18), PASS (No. 16), OVERALL (No. 18); SAINTS - RUSH (No. 3), PASS (No. 26T), OVERALL (No. 13)

THE LOWDOWN: Saints suffered big blow by losing quarterback Billy Joe Hobert with ruptured Achilles last week. Panthers should be able to take advantage of Danny Wuerffel and avoid first 0-2 start since inaugural year.

PREDICTION: Panthers 17, Saints 7




11 a.m.

SERIES RECORD: Bears lead 16-5-1.

LAST TIME MET: Steelers beat Bears 37-34 in OT on Nov. 5, 1995, at Chicago.

LAST WEEK: Bears lost to Jacksonville 24-23. Steelers beat Ravens 20-13.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Bears RB Curtis Enis had 77 yards on 12 carries. Steelers QB Kordell Stewart threw for 1 and ran for 1 TD.

OFFENSE: BEARS - RUSH (No. 8), PASS (No. 22), OVERALL (No. 14T); STEELERS - RUSH (No. 10), PASS (No. 26T), OVERALL (No. 24)

DEFENSE: BEARS - RUSH (No. 26), PASS (No. 12T), OVERALL (No. 25); STEELERS - RUSH (No. 20), PASS (No. 24T), OVERALL (No. 26)

THE LOWDOWN: Bears may have a hard time coming up with another good effort after last week's last-second loss to Jaguars. Expect Jerome Bettis to get back on track after below-par effort in opener.

PREDICTION: Steelers 31, Bears 13




11 a.m.

SERIES RECORD: Series tied 3-3.

LAST TIME MET: Lions beat Bengals 19-13 on Nov. 22, 1992, at Cincinnati.

LAST WEEK: Bengals lost to Oilers 23-14. Lions lost to Packers 38-19.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: QB Neil O'Donnell was 24-for-32 for 200 yards in first regular-season start for Bengals. Lions rookie KR Terry Fair had 101-yard kickoff return for TD.

OFFENSE: BENGALS - RUSH (No. 12), PASS (No. 21), OVERALL (No. 22); LIONS - RUSH (No. 15T), PASS (No. 14), OVERALL (No. 14T)

DEFENSE: BENGALS - RUSH (No. 14), PASS (No. 24T), OVERALL (No. 24); LIONS - RUSH (No. 11), PASS (No. 26T), OVERALL (No. 23)

THE LOWDOWN: Barry Sanders had his streak of 14 straight 100-yard games snapped against the Packers last week. Look for him to get back on track here against a Bengals team that has shown a tendency to bury itself early in the season.

PREDICTION: Lions 30, Bengals 14


ST. LOUIS (0-1)


11 a.m.

SERIES RECORD: Vikings lead 15-11-2.

LAST TIME MET: Vikings beat Rams 31-17 on Nov. 29, 1992, at Los Angeles.

LAST WEEK: Vikings beat Buccaneers 31-7. Rams lost to Saints 24-17.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Vikings QB Brad Johnson had 4 TD passes. Rams WR Isaac Bruce caught 10 passes for 131 yards.

OFFENSE: VIKINGS - RUSH (No. 9), PASS (No. 24), OVERALL (No. 20); RAMS - RUSH (No. 28), PASS (No. 4T), OVERALL (No. 18)

DEFENSE: VIKINGS - RUSH (No. 9), PASS (No. 19), OVERALL (No. 15); RAMS - RUSH (No. 1), PASS (No. 11), OVERALL (No. 3)

THE LOWDOWN: The Vikings were impressive in rolling past the Buccaneers last week and Randy Moss looks like the real thing. If the Rams couldn't beat the Saints at home, they're not going to knock off the Vikings.

PREDICTION: Vikings 24, Rams 12




11 a.m.

SERIES RECORD: Eagles lead 9-8-1.

LAST TIME MET: Falcons beat Eagles 20-17 on Dec. 14, 1997, at Atlanta.

LAST WEEK: Eagles lost to Seahawks 38-0. Falcons beat Panthers 19-14.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Eagles RB Duce Staley had career-high 95 yards rushing. Falcons QB Chris Chandler threw for 268 yards and 2 TDs.

OFFENSE: EAGLES - RUSH (No. 4), PASS (No. 30), OVERALL (No. 4); FALCONS - RUSH (No. 13), PASS (No. 15), OVERALL (No. 13)

DEFENSE: EAGLES - RUSH (No. 28T), PASS (No. 15), OVERALL (No. 27); FALCONS - RUSH (No. 28T), PASS (No. 20), OVERALL (No. 28)

THE LOWDOWN: Atlanta is looking for its first 2-0 start since 1986 and have been improving under Dan Reeves. Eagles are just looking to score points after last week's embarrassing 38-0 blowout loss to Seattle.

PREDICTION: Falcons 20, Eagles 7




11 a.m.

SERIES RECORD: Chargers lead 18-13-1.

LAST TIME MET: Chargers beat Oilers 18-17 on Sept. 19, 1993, at San Diego.

LAST WEEK: Chargers beat Bills 16-14. Oilers beat Bengals 23-14.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Chargers S Rodney Harrison had 3 sacks and 12 tackles. Oilers backup QB Dave Krieg was 7-for-13 for 129 yards, including 55-yard TD pass to Yancey Thigpen.

OFFENSE: CHARGERS - RUSH (No. 23), PASS (No. 23), OVERALL (No. 26); OILERS - RUSH (No. 17), PASS (No. 6T), OVERALL (No. 7)

DEFENSE: CHARGERS - RUSH (No. 15T), PASS (No. 12T), OVERALL (No. 10); OILERS - RUSH (No. 19), PASS (No. 10), OVERALL (No. 9)

THE LOWDOWN: Oilers aiming for their first 2-0 start in seven years and should have good fan support in home opener at Vanderbilt Stadium. Chargers scratched out a win on a missed field goal last week. This week, Ryan Leaf gets his first NFL loss.

PREDICTION: Oilers 28, Chargers 17




11 a.m. (TV: Ch. 13)

SERIES RECORD: Packers lead 24-13-1.

LAST TIME MET: Packers beat Buccaneers 17-6 on Dec. 7, 1997, at Tampa Bay.

LAST WEEK: Buccaneers lost to Vikings 31-7. Packers beat Lions 38-19.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Buccaneers QB Trent Dilfer was 17-for-24 for 207 yards and a TD. Packers KR Roell Preston had 100-yard kickoff return for TD.

OFFENSE: BUCCANEERS - RUSH (No. 22), PASS (No. 12), OVERALL (No. 16); PACKERS - RUSH (No. 20), PASS (No. 4T), OVERALL (No. 8)

DEFENSE: BUCCANEERS - RUSH (No. 22), PASS (No. 7), OVERALL (No. 11); PACKERS - RUSH (No. 15T), PASS (No. 17), OVERALL (No. 16T)

THE LOWDOWN: Buccaneers in danger of starting 0-2 after last year's strong performance. Pack haven't lost at home to Bucs since 1989 and have won 24 in a row at Lam-beau overall.

PREDICTION: Packers 27, Bucs 13




2 p.m.

SERIES RECORD: Cardinals lead 5-0.

LAST TIME MET: Cardinals beat Seahawks 30-27 in OT on Oct. 29, 1995, at Arizona.

LAST WEEK: Cardinals lost to Cowboys 38-10. Seahawks beat Eagles 38-0.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Cardinals LB Ronald McKinnon had 12 tackles, 10 solo, 1 INT and a fumble recovery. Seahawks WR Joey Galloway had career-high 142 yards receiving.

OFFENSE: CARDINALS - RUSH (No. 29), PASS (No. 25), OVERALL (No. 29); SEAHAWKS - RUSH (No. 2T), PASS (No. 16), OVERALL (No. 4)

DEFENSE: CARDINALS - RUSH (No. 28T), PASS (No. 20), OVERALL (No. 28); SEAHAWKS - RUSH (No. 27), PASS (No. 1), OVERALL (No. 1)

THE LOWDOWN: The Seahawks crushed the Eagles last week, their first season-opening win under Dennis Erickson. Arizona offense certainly has more firepower, however, Seahawks get another first here - their first-ever win over the Cardinals.

PREDICTION: Seahawks 30, Cards 13

DALLAS (1-0)



2 p.m. (Ch. 13))

SERIES RECORD: Cowboys lead 4-2.

LAST TIME MET: Cowboys beat Broncos 31-21 on Sept. 10, 1995, at Dallas.

LAST WEEK: Cowboys beat Cardinals 38-10. Broncos beat Patriots 27-21.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Cowboys QB Troy Aikman was 22-for-32 for 256 yards and 2 TDs. Broncos QB John Elway was 22-for-34 for 257 yards and 1 TD.

OFFENSE: COWBOYS - RUSH (No. 2T), PASS (No. 11), OVERALL (No. 3); BRONCOS - RUSH (No. 14), PASS (No. 13), OVERALL (No. 9T)

DEFENSE: COWBOYS - RUSH (No. 2), PASS (No. 6), OVERALL (No. 2); BRONCOS - RUSH (No. 12), PASS (No. 21T), OVERALL (No. 21T)

THE LOWDOWN: After 0-5 preseason, Cowboys rolled past Cardinals in first regular season game under new coach Chan Gailey. The real measuring stick comes here, though, against the defending Super Bowl champs in Mile High.

PREDICTION: Broncos 30, Cowboys 17

N.Y. GIANTS (1-0)



2 p.m.

SERIES RECORD: Raiders lead 5-2.

LAST TIME MET: Raiders beat Giants 17-13 on Nov. 12, 1995, at New York.

LAST WEEK: Giants beat Redskins 31-24. Raiders lost to Chiefs 28-8.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Giants DE Michael Strahan had 24-yard INT return for TD. Raiders LB Greg Biekert had 12 tackles, 10 solo.

OFFENSE: GIANTS - RUSH (No. 18), PASS (No. 28), OVERALL (No. 27); RAIDERS - RUSH (No. 27), PASS (No. 17), OVERALL (No. 25)

DEFENSE: GIANTS - RUSH (No. 10), PASS (No. 21T), OVERALL (No. 19); RAIDERS - RUSH (No. 25), PASS (No. 4T), OVER-ALL (No. 12)

THE LOWDOWN: Raiders looked like they weren't ready to play in last week's loss to Chiefs, committing mistake after mistake. A similar performance would spell doom against an opportunistic Giants' defense.

PREDICTION: Giants 23, Raiders 21




6 p.m. (TV: ESPN)

SERIES RECORD: Colts lead 33-32.

LAST TIME MET: Patriots beat Colts 20-17 on Nov. 30, 1997, at New England.

LAST WEEK: Colts lost to Dolphins 24-15. Patriots lost to Broncos 27-21.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Colts WR Marvin Harrison had 5 catches for 102 yards and TD. Patriots QB Drew Bledsoe was 20-for-32 for 289 yards and 2 TDs.

OFFENSE: COLTS - RUSH (No. 24), PASS (No. 3), OVERALL (No. 11); PATRIOTS - RUSH (No. 19), PASS (No. 9T), OVERALL (No. 9T)

DEFENSE: COLTS - RUSH (No. 24), PASS (No. 2), OVERALL (No. 8); PATRIOTS - RUSH (No. 17), PASS (No. 18), OVERALL (No. 21T)

THE LOWDOWN: Peyton Manning struggled with three interceptions in debut last week, though he was still able to move the offense. They should be able to stay close to the Patriots, who haven't yet proved they can replace Curtis Martin.

Monday night's game




6 p.m. (TV: Ch. 4)

SERIES RECORD: 49ers lead 11-6-1.

LAST TIME MET: 49ers beat Redskins 19-16 in OT on Nov. 24, 1996, at Washington.

LAST WEEK: 49ers beat Jets 36-30 in OT. Redskins lost to Giants 31-24.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: 49ers RB Garrison Hearst had game-winning 96-yard run. Redskins third-string QB Trent Green passed for 208 yards and 2 TDs.

OFFENSE: 49ERS - RUSH (No. 1), PASS (No. 2), OVERALL (No. 1); REDSKINS - RUSH (No. 21), PASS (No. 9T), OVERALL (No. 12)

DEFENSE: 49ERS - RUSH (No. 6), PASS (No. 30), OVERALL (No. 29); REDSKINS - RUSH (No. 13), PASS (No. 3), OVERALL (No. 4)

THE LOWDOWN: The Niners' offense had no problems putting points on board against the Jets last week, however, their defense struggled. San Fran won't have the problems here with Trent Green making his first NFL start in place of Gus Frerotte.

PREDICTION: 49ers 26, Redskins 13