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India ready to OK test ban for a price: N-technology

SHARE India ready to OK test ban for a price: N-technology

In exchange for signing a nuclear test ban treaty, India wants the nuclear energy technology that it has been denied because the material also has military uses, the prime minister said Wednesday.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee's comments to reporters confirmed speculation that ongoing talks about the treaty with U.S. officials involve opening the flow of nuclear technology to India.Wednesday's Los Angeles Times said a new independent scientific study concluded both India and Pakistan exaggerated the number and strength of their underground nuclear tests. Pakistan says it detonated six devices in response to India's detonation of five nuclear devices.

But according to the study published Wednesday in Seismological Research Letters, two of the nuclear tests India said may not have taken place at all and only two of the explosions Pakistan announced actually involved atomic bombs, the newspaper said.