Are you unemployed? And funny? Garrison Keillor may be looking for you.

The humorist needs an extra hand to keep "A Prairie Home Companion," his acclaimed radio program, witty and entertaining.Minnesota Public Radio, which produces the show, placed ads recently in the New York Times, Variety, the Los Angeles Times and on the Inter-net.

"He was hoping to really be bowled over, but he hasn't been bowled over yet" by the responses, said producer Chris-tine Tschida.

"With a two-hour show every week for 34 weeks a year, that is an awful lot of material," Tschida said. "Garrison does write nearly the entire program. It would be nice to have a few other submissions to take off some of the pressure."

Keillor's Minnesota-based variety show started in 1974 and is broadcast on more than 410 public radio stations.