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Prop. 5 protects our rights

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Like so many others, it is hard to find time to go fishing, and I don't hunt, but having been a member of the Wildlife Resources Appropriations Committee for several years, I can say without reservation that all Utah citizens and wildlife are well served by sportsmen and sportswomen of Utah, who provide 90 percent of all wildlife management funding and 100 percent of wildlife habitat pres-er-va-tion.

I have attended many private sportsmen fund-raisers that generate millions of additional dollars for wildlife habitat preservation that benefits all Utahns. I had many questions during the House debate on SJR10 but came out with a firm conviction that it provides protections from out-of-state animal rights groups who would like to stop all hunting and fishing in Utah. Along with 11 of the 12 Utah County representatives and four Utah County senators, I voted for SJR10, which was passed convincingly by the Leg-is-la-ture.Proposition 5 isn't about limiting citizen power as some politicians would lead you to believe, rather it is about protecting from animal rights activists based in Washington, D.C., a heritage that hundreds of thousands of Utahns enjoy.

Jordan Tanner

State representative