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NFL: Head to head

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ST. LOUIS (1-2)11 a.m.

SERIES RECORD: Rams lead 23-20-2.

LAST TIME MET: Cardinals beat Rams 31-28 in OT on Sept. 29, 1996, at Arizona.

LAST WEEK: Cardinals beat Eagles 17-3. Rams beat Bills 34-33.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Cardinals RB Adrian Murrell had 145 yards on 22 carries. Rams RB Greg Hill had career-high 158 yards and 2 TDs on 19 carries.

OFFENSE: CARDINALS - RUSH (No. 21T), PASS (No. 26), OVERALL (No. 26); RAMS - RUSH (No. 13T), PASS (No. 4), OVERALL (No. 5)

DEFENSE: CARDINALS - RUSH (No. 23), PASS (No. 16), OVERALL (No. 19); RAMS - RUSH (No. 25), PASS (No. 17), OVERALL (No. 25)

THE LOWDOWN: This is Cardinals' first trip back to St. Louis since franchise relocated after 1987 season. Look for Arizona's defense to pressure Rams quarterback Tony Banks, whose offense becomes one dimensional with loss of running back Greg Hill.

PREDICTION: Cardinals 20, Rams 16



11 a.m. (TV: Ch. 2)

SERIES RECORD: Broncos lead 4-3.

LAST TIME MET: Broncos beat Redskins 38-31 on Sept. 17, 1995, at Denver.

LAST WEEK: Broncos beat Raiders 34-17. Redskins lost to Seahawks 24-14.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Broncos CB Ray Crockett had 2 INTs, including 80-yard INT return for TD. Redskins QB Trent Green was 27-for-54 for NFC- and career-high 383 yards and 2 TDs.

OFFENSE: BRONCOS - RUSH (No. 5), PASS (No. 6), OVERALL (No. 3); REDSKINS - RUSH (No. 21T), PASS (No. 3), OVERALL (No. 6)

DEFENSE: BRONCOS - RUSH (No. 16), PASS (No. 19), OVERALL (No. 15); REDSKINS - RUSH (No. 28), PASS (No. 14), OVERALL (No. 23)

THE LOWDOWN: Redskins need a win over the defending champs to avoid their first 0-4 start since 1981. Washington's been hurt by turnovers and an inability to stop the run. That could spell trouble against the Broncos' Terrell Davis, even if John Elway can't play.

PREDICTION: Broncos 24, Redskins 13



11 a.m. (TV: Ch. 13)

SERIES RECORD: Packers lead 1-0.

LAST TIME MET: Packers beat Panthers 31-10 on Dec. 14, 1997, at Carolina.

LAST WEEK: Packers beat Bengals 13-6. Panthers lost to Saints 19-14 in Week 2.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Packers QB Brett Favre was 23-for-35 for 274 yards and 1 TD. WR Muhsin Muhammad had 9 catches for 192 yards and 1 TD.

OFFENSE: PACKERS - RUSH (No. 30), PASS (No. 7), OVERALL (No. 16); PANTHERS - RUSH (No. 24), PASS (No. 5), OVERALL (No. 8)


THE LOWDOWN: Packers defense has been outstanding and comes in as NFC's top ranked unit. Don't expect much from Panthers offense which has scored just 28 points in two games.

PREDICTION: Packers 31, Panthers 10



11 a.m.

SERIES RECORD: Jaguars lead 4-2.

LAST TIME MET: Jaguars beat Oilers 17-9 on Nov. 16, 1997, at Jacksonville.

LAST WEEK: Jaguars beat Ravens 24-10. Oilers lost to Patriots 27-16.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Jaguars RB Fred Taylor had team-record 128 yards rushing, including team-record 52-yard TD, on 23 carries. Oilers RB Eddie George had 100 yards on 23 carries and caught 22-yard TD pass.

OFFENSE: JAGUARS - RUSH (No. 3), PASS (No. 10), OVERALL (No. 4); OILERS OFFENSE - RUSH (No. 26), PASS (No. 12), OVERALL (No. 17)

DEFENSE: JAGUARS - RUSH (No. 12), PASS (No. 22), OVERALL (No. 18); OILERS - RUSH (No. 13), PASS (No. 15), OVERALL (No. 12)

THE LOWDOWN: Although Eddie George got on track for the Oilers last week, the Jaguars offense is clicking. Even with loss of James Stewart, rookie Fred Taylor filled in last week with franchise effort to help Jags stay unbeaten. The run continues here.

PREDICTION: Jaguars 27, Oilers 17



11 a.m.

SERIES RECORD: Series tied 1-1.

LAST TIME MET: Chiefs beat Eagles 24-17 on Oct. 11, 1992, at Kansas City.

LAST WEEK: Chiefs beat Chargers 23-7. Eagles lost to Cardinals 17-3.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Chiefs K Pete Stoyanovich had 3 FGs and 2 extra points. Eagles WR Russell Copeland had 6 receptions for 76 yards.

OFFENSE: CHIEFS - RUSH (No. 12), PASS (No. 21), OVERALL (No. 18); EAGLES - RUSH (No. 19), PASS (No. 25), OVERALL (No. 25)

DEFENSE: CHIEFS - RUSH (No. 19), PASS (No. 1), OVERALL (No. 1); EAGLES - RUSH (No. 24), PASS (No. 6), OVERALL (No. 11)

THE LOWDOWN: Kansas City makes its first-ever trip to Philadelphia. Look for Derrick Thomas and company to have a field day against porous Eagles offensive line. Philadelphia will be hard-pressed to match the one touchdown it has scored in first three games.

PREDICTION: Chiefs 23, Eagles 6


11 a.m.

SERIES RECORD: Series tied 3-3.

LAST TIME MET: Saints beat Colts 17-14 on Nov. 12, 1995, at New Orleans.

LAST WEEK: Saints beat Carolina 19-14 in Week 2. Colts lost to Jets 44-6.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Saints FB Ray Zellars had 83 yards rushing, including game-winning 15-yarder, on 15 carries. Colts RB Marshall Faulk had 91 yards on 21 carries.

OFFENSE: SAINTS - RUSH (No. 13T), PASS (No. 27), OVERALL (No. 24); COLTS - RUSH (No. 18), PASS (No. 13), OVERALL (No. 13)

DEFENSE: SAINTS - RUSH (No. 6), PASS (No. 28), OVERALL (No. 22); COLTS - RUSH (No. 30), PASS (No. 11), OVERALL (No. 28)

THE LOWDOWN: Jim Mora faces his former team as the Colts look for their first win. Top draft pick Peyton Manning has looked like a rookie, with eight interceptions so far. Like the Florida-Tennessee rivalry, Saints' Danny Wuerffel gets the best of Manning in the pros as well.

PREDICTION: Saints 21, Colts 13



11 a.m.

SERIES RECORD: Series tied 3-3.

LAST TIME MET: Cowboys beat Raiders 34-21 on Nov. 19, 1995, at Oakland.

LAST WEEK: Raiders lost to Broncos 34-17. Cowboys beat Giants 31-7.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Raiders S Eric Turner returned INT 94 yards for TD and had 8 tackles. Cowboys CB-PR Deion Sanders returned punt 59 yards for TD, set up TD with 55-yard reception and returned INT 71 yards for TD.

OFFENSE: RAIDERS - RUSH (No. 23), PASS (No. 14), OVERALL (No. 15); COWBOYS - RUSH (No. 6), PASS (No. 11), OVERALL (No. 7)

DEFENSE: RAIDERS - RUSH (No. 18), PASS (No. 5), OVERALL (No. 6); COWBOYS - RUSH (No. 9), PASS (No. 20), OVERALL (No. 16)

THE LOWDOWN: The Raiders need a win to avoid falling to back of pack in AFC West. Dallas backup quarterback Jason Garrett could find going tough coming off a short week.

PREDICTION: Raiders 24, Cowboys 16



2 p.m.

SERIES RECORD: Seahawks lead 6-5.

LAST TIME MET: Seahawks beat Steelers 30-13 on Sept. 25, 1994, at Seattle.

LAST WEEK: Seahawks beat Redskins 24-14. Steelers lost to Dolphins 21-0.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Seahawks RB Ricky Watters had 136 yards and 1 TD on 24 carries. Steelers LB Levon Kirkland had 10 tackles and 1 sack.

OFFENSE: SEAHAWKS - RUSH (No. 2), PASS (No. 24), OVERALL (No. 14); STEELERS - RUSH (No. 10), PASS (No. 30), OVERALL (No. 28)


THE LOWDOWN: The Steelers are 2-1; however, they've struggled offensively, generating only two touchdown drives in three games. Have to like a potent Seahawks offense with veteran Warren Moon at the helm getting points.

PREDICTION: Seahawks 23, Steelers 17

N.Y. GIANTS (1-2)


2 p.m.

SERIES RECORD: Giants lead 4-3.

LAST TIME MET: Chargers beat Giants 27-17 on Dec. 23, 1995, at New York.

LAST WEEK: Giants lost to Cowboys 31-7. Chargers lost to Chiefs 23-7.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Giants WR Chris Calloway had 7 catches for 77 yards. Chargers RB Natrone Means had career-high 160 yards rushing, including careerlong 72-yard TD run.

OFFENSE: GIANTS - RUSH (No. 29), PASS (No. 22), OVERALL (No. 30); CHARGERS - RUSH (No. 11), PASS (No. 29), OVERALL (No. 29)

DEFENSE: GIANTS - RUSH (No. 10), PASS (No. 25), OVERALL (No. 24); CHARGERS - RUSH (No. 5), PASS (No. 7), OVERALL (No. 4)

THE LOWDOWN: Chargers and QB Ryan Leaf should get back on track at home after last week's miserable game - Leaf had five turnovers and four passing yards in loss to Chiefs. Offensively struggling Giants suffer second West Coast loss in three weeks.

PREDICTION: Chargers 17, Giants 10



2 p.m.

SERIES RECORD: Vikings lead 39-32-2.

LAST TIME MET: Vikings beat Bears 29-22 on Nov. 9, 1997, at Chicago.

LAST WEEK: Vikings beat Lions 29-6. Bears lost to Buccaneers 27-15.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Vikings K Gary Anderson had 5 FGs. Bears KR Glyn Milburn had 216 return yards, including 93-yard punt return for TD.

OFFENSE: VIKINGS - RUSH (No. 9), PASS (No. 15), OVERALL (No. 11); BEARS - RUSH (No. 16), PASS (No. 20), OVERALL (No. 19)

DEFENSE: VIKINGS - RUSH (No. 15), PASS (No. 21), OVERALL (No. 20); BEARS - RUSH (No. 29), PASS (No. 3), OVERALL (No. 17)

THE LOWDOWN: Vikings are looking for their second 4-0 start in the past three years, while the Bears are still searching for their first win of the season. Chicago's been able to hang tough in its losses, however, Vikings offense will prove too much.

PREDICTION: Vikings 27, Bears 13



6 p.m. (TV: ESPN)

SERIES RECORD: Bengals lead 3-1.

LAST TIME MET: Bengals beat Ravens 16-14 on Dec. 21, 1997, at Cincinnati.

LAST WEEK: Bengals lost to Packers 13-6. Ravens lost to Jaguars 24-10.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Bengals LB Tom Tumulty had 10 tackles, 1 sack and forced fumble. Ravens WR Jermaine Lewis had 4 catches for 117 yards, including 56-yard TD.

OFFENSE: BENGALS - RUSH (No. 28), PASS (No. 16), OVERALL (No. 23); RAVENS - RUSH (No. 20), PASS (No. 8), OVERALL (No. 9)

DEFENSE: BENGALS - RUSH (No. 22), PASS (No. 23), OVERALL (No. 27); RAVENS - RUSH (No. 11), PASS (No. 26), OVERALL (No. 26)

THE LOWDOWN: Ravens trying again to win their first game at their new stadium in Baltimore, although injuries are starting to take a toll. Bengals offense should have enough to keep this one close.

PREDICTION: Ravens 20, Bengals 16




6 p.m. (TV: Ch. 4)

SERIES RECORD: Lions lead 22-18.

LAST TIME MET: Lions beat Buccaneers 27-9 on Oct. 12, 1997, at Tampa Bay.

LAST WEEK: Buccaneers beat Bears 27-15. Lions lost to Vikings 29-6.

LAST WEEK'S STARS: Buccaneers FB Mike Alstott had career-high 103 yards and 1 TD on 20 carries. Lions WR Herman Moore had 9 catches for 66 yards.

OFFENSE: BUCCANEERS - RUSH (No. 17), PASS (No. 19), OVERALL (No. 20); LIONS OFFENSE - RUSH (No. 4), PASS (No. 18), OVERALL (No. 10)

DEFENSE: BUCCANEERS - RUSH (No. 3), PASS (No. 13), OVERALL (No. 5); LIONS - RUSH (No. 4), PASS (No. 29), OVERALL (No. 21)

THE LOWDOWN: The Buccaneers righted their ship with a crucial home win over Chicago last week and are now in the Monday night spotlight for first time since 1983. Charlie Batch struggled a bit in his NFL debut for the Lions last week and will still be working out the kinks.

PREDICTION: Buccaneers 20, Lions 17