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Handy trips, tricks offered

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Here's some tips and tricks from Home & Garden Television:

Matching sites

When building a home, the type of site you choose is very important. Keep in mind that a sloped lot may add to the cost, depending on the type of house you are building. If you plan to do most of your living on one level of the home, it is best to choose a flat site for building.

- Home Building Digest

Instant island

Make a usable work island for your kitchen. Buy two dressers from a used-furniture store and place a countertop over them. The dresser drawers provide storage space, and you may even wish to install a vegetable sink atop one. For a uniform look, match kitchen countertops.

- Kitty Bartholomew: You're Home

Stir stain

The pigments of stain can settle on the bottom of a paint can, so it's important to completely stir the stain before using. Otherwise you'll get uneven color. One way to do this is to put several large steel nuts into the can. Replace the lid securely and then shake the can to stir the stain. Don't do this with varnish, though, because you'll get air bubbles in it and have an uneven finish.

- Decorating With Style

Homemade spackle

Ever need spackling compound in a hurry? Here's a recipe for homemade spackle that's good enough to fill small nail holes (but not recommended for large cracks) Mix one-half teaspoon each of cornstarch and salt; add enough water to form a paste. Fill the hole, let it dry, sand lightly and paint.

- R&D Today