It's more than ironic that the name of the play Snow College freshman Heidi Tippetts tried out for this week is "Servant of Two Masters."

It's more than an instance of life imitating art.For Mapleton resident Tippetts, it's become a harsh life's lesson as she has had to choose between keeping her drama scholarship at Snow College and showing up to play the lead in a Springville Playhouse Youth Guild production this week.

According to Tippetts' drama teacher, Kim Christison, Tippetts was informed last spring that when she accepted a scholarship to the college, she basically agreed to turn over first options on her time to the drama department.

When it became apparent that the late-summer run of the Youth Guild's production of "See How They Run" would make Tippetts miss auditions and two rehearsals for "Servant of Two Masters," she was told to choose.

Her choice has left Springville Playhouse with no choice but to cancel half of the six-night run for the Youth Guild show.

The show opened Friday, Aug. 28, and played Saturday, Aug. 29. The Aug. 31 was pulled, as was the dress rehearsal performance that normally would have been staged the evening before the opening.

The show's final performance will be Saturday, Sept. 5, at 7:30 in the playhouse, located on the lower level of the Springville Civic Center at 50 S. Main St.

Performances scheduled for Sept. 4 and 7 have been canceled.

Kathy Llewellyn, house manager for the Springville Playhouse Board of Directors and adviser to the Youth Guild, said the canceled half run is just one more setback in a series the young troupe has contended with since June as they worked to prepare the show.

A set designer quit halfway through and a leading man had to be replaced after he discovered a conflict.

This latest blow comes after the show's dates have already been publicized.

Christison said the policy at Snow's drama department is long-standing. He said if Tippetts is given an exception, he risks creating chaos in a drama department required to make maximum use of minimum time in a tightly scheduled theater.

"I have a month to mount this show," he said. "My colleague begins work on the next one two days after that. I can't rehearse without my students."

Christison said he understands the dilemma the situation has created for Tippetts and for Springville art producers but reiterated, "Rehearsals are not negotiable."

The supporting cast members feel badly about the investment made into the show and revenue that the Springville Playhouse board will lose, Llewellyn said, so they've offered to stage a benefit piano concert.

"We've spent between $1,500 to $1,800 on the production," she said.