In the next millenium, BYU will play USC, Cal, Stanford, Army and Georgia Tech as well as return engagements against Notre Dame and UCLA. If you were BYU's athletic director, which future nonconference games would you like to see in a home-and-home series?

- UCLA, Washington and Arizona State. Let rivalries with these Pac-10 powers continue.

- Notre Dame and Penn State. BYU reached the pigskin pinnacle in the '90s playing the Fighting Irish and Nittany Lions three times each.

- Hawaii, Fresno State and UTEP. Cougars are content to dine on WAC leftovers.

- Florida, Florida State and Miami. The West's best aerial tradition is pitted against the Sunshine State boys.

- Michigan and Ohio State. Bring on the Big Ten's best.

- Alabama and Georgia. After Saturday, BYU will have visited both schools. Doesn't Southern hospitality require them to return the favor?

- Nebraska and Colorado. Besides never playing the Huskers, the Cougars haven't hosted the Buffaloes in more than a half-century.

Big 5 gridiron futures

BYU Sell Brutal preseason schedule could have LaVell

... and Co. beginning season 0-3.

Utah Buy Cream puff schedule = guady early season record.

Utah St. Hold Dave Arslanian era begins Saturday.

Weber St. Hold First head coaching job for Jerry Graybeal,

... who replaces Arslanian.

So. Utah Hold Arguably T-Birds' most talented team faces schools

... toughest schedule ever.