A man fell 100 feet from a cliff and tumbled another 50 Wednesday but somehow survived.

"Luck. I've seen them die after a 10-foot fall before," Salt Lake County Sheriff's Sgt. Lane Larkin said.Michael Todd Cundick, 28, was free-climbing up a steep and rough rock formation near the base of the canyon when he fell about 4 p.m. He slammed into the ground, bounced a couple of times and kept rolling, witnesses told deputies.

Cundick was listed in satisfactory condition at LDS Hospital Thursday, suffering from multiple contusions.

"He told some kids (who saw the fall) that the only thing he remembered was reading a book," Larkin said. "I don't know if anybody found a book by him."

The man was climbing alone, Larkin said. He didn't have the proper gear, such as ropes, for terrain that rough. He was wearing shorts and sandals. He apparently was near the top of the cliff when he lost his grip and fell.

A search and rescue crew team hiked in and took the man out on a stretcher. Paramedics transported him by air to LDS Hospital.