Seven Mary Three rode the wave with the success of "American Standard" and the longevity of the first single, "Cumbersome."

After a world tour, the band went back into the studio. The result was "Orange Ave.," a logical step musically for the band."We wanted to do something different than last time," said lead guitarist/vocalist Jason Pollock during a phone call from Indianapolis. "And we didn't really feel any pressure from the outside. We felt it from within ourselves. We had to make a different album than the last."

Seven Mary Three - Pollock, guitarist/vocalist Jason Ross, bassist Casey Daniels and drummer Giti Khalsa - will find its way back to Utah to play a show at Club DV8, 115 S. West Temple, Thursday, Sept. 10. Doors open at 7 p.m.

While the grit of the band's style is still in tact, the music is a bit more melodic.

"We spent more time in the studio this time around," Pollock said. "That provided us with more avenues to explore."

Although the sound is a bit different, the band still has the same goals it did when it first got together.

"We just want to make music and make records," Pollock said. "We've matured and are wiser."