KSL radio (AM-1160) is Utah's top-rated talk radio station and also the most-listened-to station for people ages 35 and over, according to the latest Arbitron rating estimates.

The three main age group radio ratings were published last month in the "Radio Dial," but the age 35-plus ratings show a very different story.KSL grabbed 14.7 percent share of the older audience, well ahead of runner-up easy-listening music station KSFI ("FM-100") with 8.8 percent.

KODJ (FM-94.1) with its oldies music is third at 8.1 percent, and KALL and its talk radio format is fourth at 6.3 percent.

Country music station KSOP (FM-104.3, AM-1370) is fifth at 5.2 percent and KDYL/KOVO (AM-1280, AM-960) is sixth with its nostalgic music format.

Two other talk stations - KFNZ (alias "K-FAN, AM-1320) and KNRS (AM-570) with 4.2 percent and 3.9 percent market shares - mean that talk stations have four of the top 10 slots.

Music stations KISN (AM-97.1) and KUBL (FM-93.3) round out the top 10 with 3.8 and 3.1 percent rankings respectively.

The other station rankings include: KKAT (3 percent); KRSP (2.9 percent); KUMT (2.5 percent); KURR (2.5 percent); KBEE (2.1 percent); KZHT (2.0 percent); KOSY (1.9 percent); KBZN (1.8 percent); KBER (1.7 percent); KLO (1.6 percent).

KQMB (1.3 percent); (tie) KENZ and KXRK (0.9 percent); KSNU (0.7 percent); KSVN (0.6 percent); KRAR (0.3 per-cent).

How two other talk radio stations, KTKK (alias "K-Talk, AM-630) and KWUN (alias "Radio One," AM-1230) survive is beyond me. Neither station was mea-sur-able by Arbitron and is not listed among the top 26 stations for listeners, ages 35-plus, just as they were for the three main other age groups.

- TEN YEARS AGO - Gary Zane, KCPX DJ, roosts on a billboard near 600 South and I-15 to raise money for muscular dystrophy . . . Russ Wood, KSL general manager, is named to the National Association of Broadcasters Board of Di-rec-tors.

- RADIO HAPPENINGS - "Fisher, Todd and Erin" on KISN had an interview with singer Kenny Loggins Monday morning. The DJs are also offering a trip to London in a new contest . . . The "Z-Morning Zoo" on KZHT interviewed a resident of the Kingston Compound Tuesday. DJ "Frankie" even got the resident's voice disguised to protect his identity . . .

"Dickie and Angel" on KODJ had another "Pop Quiz" Tuesday, this one on food . . . Tom Bock on KBZN Tuesday gave listeners a rundown on the month of September and upcoming events . . . "Simon and Brady" of KBEE were broadcasting live from Disneyland this week and gave away trips to the Southern California park . . . "Abby and Wren" on KUMT had some special interviews this week before the NFL's regular season opening this weekend . . .

It was "Foreign Exchange Tuesday" for "Tom, Rick and Dawn" on KKAT. The DJs also got some special weather forecasts from weathercaster Dan Pope for various Labor Day vacation spots . . . Mick and Allen on KURR sponsored a "Hot Legs" contest Thursday in conjunction with Mick's bid to "Marry" 105 wives. The DJs also complained about sister station KZHT mimicking some of their stunts.