Q. I just love that Steve Urkel on "Family Matters." I told my friend that he is the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog. Am I right? What other TV show or films has he been in? - N.D., Arlington, Texas

A. Besides some pre-Urkel TV work in the 1980s, Jaleel White's career has been all about playing super nerd Steve Urkel. But you're right, he is the voice of the cartoon hedgehog Sonic and also did voice work in the animated "Quest for Camelot" feature. Jaleel, 21, is taking a break after his nine-year run on the just concluded "Family Matters" series.

Q. I was watching an episode of "I Love Lucy" in which the Ricardos and the Mertzes are on the way to Hollywood and stop in Tennessee to visit cousin Ernie. The gas station attendant was played by Aaron Spelling. Could this be the same man connected with "Beverly Hills, 90210," "Melrose Place" and "Charlie's Angels"? - J.J., Dallas, Texas

A. The same. Dallas native Aaron Spelling acted in some movies and TV shows (including the 1951 "I Love Lucy" episode "Tennessee Bound") before turning his talents to producing hit TV series. He has five shows in production: "Melrose," "90210," "Sunset Beach," "7th Heaven" and "Love Boat: The Next Wave." In addition, two of his past television hits are headed for the big screen next year, "The Mod Squad" and "Love Boat: The Movie."

Q. I enjoy watching "The View" and wonder how Debbie Maten-o-poulos got to be on this show at such a young age. What is her background? - I.A., Plano, Texas

A. It was precisely her age that got the former MTV intern an audition for "The View" panel. Barbara Walters wanted the hosts of her ABC morning show to represent a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Debbie is the 20-something-year-old of the bunch, but she's no slacker. She began her journalism career in high school, got involved in college radio while attending Virginia Commonwealth and hosted her own radio talk show. She moved to New York to work as a summer intern at MTV, then took a full time job with the music channel as a story co-ordinator on "MTV UnFiltered." She starts season 2 of "The View" next month.

Q. The passing of Robert Young has brought back fond memories of "Father Knows Best." Is co-star Jane Wyatt still living? - D.G.C., The Colony, Texas

A. Wyatt attended the funeral of her former TV husband, who died July 21. She celebrated an 80-something birthday on Aug. 10.

Q. On the TV series "Paper Moon," the young girl was played by Jodie Foster. Who played her con man partner? - J.B., Columbus, Ohio

A. After the success of the feature film, a TV version of "Paper Moon" debuted in the fall of 1974. Jodie Foster starred as the wise-beyond-her-years Depression-era youngster Addie Pray, the role that won Tatum O'Neal an Oscar. Christopher Connelly stepped into the role of Moze, played in the movie by Ryan O'Neal. The two actors had played brothers on "Pey-ton Place" in the '60s. "Paper Moon" lasted only a few months. It was Foster's second go-round in a series based on a movie. The season before, she had a role in TV's "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice."

Q. Is Suzi Quatro still around? She's on "Happy Days" as Leather Tuscadero. - D.P., Pensacola, Fla.

A. The leather-clad Detroit-born rocker is 48 years old now and still takes her band on tour in Europe and Australia. After appearing in 16 episodes of "Happy Days" in the '70s, she did a little more acting, starring in a London production of "Annie Get Your Gun" and an episode of "Absolutely Fabulous." Quatro is married for the second time and is the mother of two. She and her family split their time between homes in Essex, England, and Hamburg, Germany.

Q. The TV series "The Pretender" is perhaps the most intelligent series on TV today and reminiscent of past classics such as "The Fugitive" and "Mission: Impossible." Michael T. Weiss is perfect as Jarod. Can you tell me, has he ever been on the big screen? What other work has he done? Will "The Pretender" still air this fall? - K.S., Cincinnati, Ohio

A. Weiss has done some feature films, mostly forgettable ones like "Angel 4," "Howling IV" and "Jeffrey." His first big break came in 1985 when he landed the role of Dr. Mike Horton on "Days of Our Lives." He's also done a couple of TV series ("Dark Shadows," "2000 Malibu Rd."). During his summer break from "The Pretender," he filmed a new movie, "Net Worth," with Craig Sheffer and Daniel Baldwin. "The Pretender" begins a new season on Oct. 17.