Alan Cost could have just suspended his son's driving privileges after the boy got his third speeding ticket and stayed out way too late. Instead, he suspended his son's pickup truck - in a tree.

There's a sign in the vehicle's window: "This is what happens when a teenager does not mind." And in smaller letters it says: "May be for sale."Cost used a backhoe to hoist the back end of 16-year-old Stephen's 1986 Chevrolet pickup truck several feet in the air, and he used a chain to suspend it from a tree in front of their house along one of the Birmingham suburb's busiest roads.

That was on Aug. 29 and it'll stay there, where all of Stephen's friends can see it, for another week or so.

"I hate being that rough on my boy, but if he ain't going to listen to me, I have no other choice," Cost said.

The three tickets all came within three months after Stephen got his driver's license. After the second ticket, Cost chained the truck to a tree in the back yard for about a month and a half.