Two U.S. Air Force transport planes arriving for a military exercise will airdrop food this week to tens of thousands of flood victims in Bangladesh.

The C-130 planes, carrying nearly 40 U.S. Air Force personnel, are scheduled to arrive in Bangladesh on Thursday, Mustafizur Rahman, a top bureaucrat at Dhaka's foreign office, said in a telephone interview."The joint military exercise this year will concentrate on flood disaster relief," Rahman said.

Much of Bangladesh, a country the size of Wisconsin, has been flooded since monsoon rains began July 10. The floods have killed almost 800 people and high water has displaced or marooned at least 30 million people - one-fourth of the delta nation's population.

Hopes of a respite receded today with weather forecasts saying more rain was expected.

The flood crest at the River Ganges, one of the country's largest rivers, topped 49 feet Monday, surpassing the previous highest recorded in 1910, the state-run Water Development Board said.