Gary L. Browning, a professor of Russian literature and language at Brigham Young University, has been named chairman of the department of Germanic and Slavic languages.

He replaced Alan Keele, who returned to full-time teaching after two terms as chairman.Browning has been a member of the BYU faculty since 1976.

Before, he was an assistant professor at Bryn Mawr College and a teaching fellow at Harvard University.

He has previously served as chairman of the department of Germanic and Slavic languages from 1987-1990 and as director and dean of University Honors Education.

Awards and recognitions Browning has received include the Karl G. Maeser General Education Professorship, Teacher of the Year by graduating seniors in Germanic and Slavic languages in 1997 and 1987, a General Education Alcuin Scholar and an appointment as resident director for the American Council of Teachers of Russian Summer Language Program in Moscow.

Browning has also been a tour manager for the Ballroom Dance Company, the University Singers and the Young Ambassadors.

He was a mission president for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Russia and Estonia mission from 1990-1993.

Browning received his bachelor's degree from BYU, his master's from Syracuse University and doctorate from Harvard.