A transient living under a viaduct said three teenagers armed with paint-ball guns attacked him, shooting him 23 times, including once in the forehead.

Ogden police officer Robert Peterson said the incident was clearly a case of aggravated assault."I don't care who you are, this shouldn't happen to you," Peterson told Carl Rainwater, the man who was attacked.

Police investigated the incident last Tuesday after they learned about the attack.

Rainwater, 58, of Louisiana, has red welts the size of half dollars covering his left side, back and face. Small paint balls, used in air guns for mock war games, littered his campsite.

Peterson said it will be difficult to find suspects, but police will clear out the camp where Rainwater and several other men were living.

"This is what happens in these sorts of places," Peterson said.

Rainwater said he has been in Ogden working as a day laborer for three months. On Sunday he was alone at the campsite just south of the 24th Street viaduct and west of the railroad yards when he was approached by three teenagers.

"They said they owned the property and wanted us off," Rainwater said, "and I said, `good buddy, we'll get off.' "

Rainwater said he didn't move out of the campsite on railroad property because he was waiting for a friend.

At about 3 p.m. Monday, the teenagers returned, armed with paint-ball guns. One of the young men said: " `I thought I told you to get out,' and I said, `I'm waiting for my partner,' and that's when they cut loose on me."

He said the teenagers chased him from his campsite north through brush and weeds to the viaduct and a road. When he stopped running they started shooting at him again.

At one point, Rainwater said he got his hands on one of the teenagers.

"I reached out and grabbed him and he had a mask on like a hockey mask, like a goalie, and I grabbed him and pulled him down and I had a pocket knife and took it out and he said, `Man, don't you ever go pulling a knife on me,' and that's when his two friends cut loose on me."

One shot hit his face, Rainwater said, knocking him down and leaving a cut on his forehead.