TRAX, short for Transit Express, is the new Salt Lake Valley light-rail system, scheduled to begin operating in the spring of 2000. The 15-mile rail line will extend from 10000 South in Sandy to the Delta Center in downtown Salt Lake City, and the trip is predicted to take approximately 32 minutes, including all stops.

It will use style SD100 cars, the same as those running in Denver and San Diego, and will travel at a top speed of 55 mph. (Ten mph slower than the Bamberger Railroad.)TRAX cars are sleeker than the Bamberger, but are not as plush inside.

TRAX cars do, however, operate on 750 volts, just as the Bamberger did.

Siemens Transportation Systems in Sacramento, Calif., has already begun delivery of UTA's 23 new cars. The six-axle SD100 features two motors per car in a single-chopper, monometer propulsion system. The educated guess is that some 14,000 daily riders will take advantage of the new system once it opens.

Experts on light-rail systems today say they cost 40 percent less to operate and maintain than buses.