It is interesting to note that two BYU football players were barred from playing in the Liberty Bowl because of honor code violations; probably something similar to President Clinton's moral conduct. And these players apparently did not lie about their problems to the BYU officials. One then said that he is willing to accept whatever punishment the honor code office hands down.

So the football players are not worthy to play in a football game, while President Clinton (whose sins are much greater and is only willing to accept a slap on the wrists) is still able to declare war, veto bills that would stop partial-birth abortions, etc. What is wrong with this picture?Even sadder is that perhaps a majority of Americans, the press and the "bipartisan" Democratic congressmen still support President Clinton and downplay his offenses. Dick Gebhart said in an interview this past week that as yet there has been no proof (what about the blue dress?) that the President has done anything wrong.

The Constitution is, indeed, hanging by a thread, while America descends into a moral morass. Will anyone step forth to save the Constitution and this country, or will the "scorched earth" policy of the Clintonites keep them silent?

David R. Taylor