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English is logical language

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At work today a friend made the comment that they did not understand why people waste money on getting English made, or not made, the official language of Utah. I explained (as I wish the media would), that the issue is not which language. The real issue is that there is a need to define an official language.

Canada, an example of a bilingual (French and English) country was brought up, and my friend did not see a problem with this. But I was in Michigan when Canada became legally bilingual. I witnessed for myself the difficulty this caused.You see, it is not the language. It is the "official" language that is the issue. By custom, English is the official language of the United States and therefore Utah. To change this will be expensive. Reprinting every document public (governmental) and private (business), all public signs and notices, all consumer goods to fit the new linguistic policy will cost a lot of money.

I, for one, believe that this country became great because those who chose to come here came to become part of it, not just to change their personal geographic residence.

English is the language of business throughout the world. In most European countries, English is a required subject in grade school. Why would we consider changing something that works. Even more, why would we want to pay for it.

One last question. Why is the media presenting/journalizing this issue with just the "human/emotional" side and not reporting it with the facts of "who, what, where, when and how much?"

Kathleen Maudlin