LAS PALMAS, Canary Islands -- The bodies of two missionaries who drowned Jan. 18 were found Jan. 20 by civil authorities and are being returned to the United States.

Elders Jaarl Michael Papenfuss, 20, from Fountain Green, Utah, and Joshua Matthew Prymak, 19, from Montclair, Va., were reported missing following a sightseeing activity during their preparation day.They had traveled with four other missionaries to Punta de Teno, a picturesque point near the town of Buenapista del Norte on the island of Tenerife.

Two of the missionaries were taking pictures near waves crashing against rocks during a day of unusually high surf, when a large wave swept them out to sea.

One made it safely to the shore, but the other, Elder Prymak, was unable to return. Elder Papenfuss then swam out after him and was also taken by the heavy surf.

They were serving in the Spain Las Palmas Mission.