The most despicable display of the broadcast news media trying to shape the news and public opinion is occurring during the impeachment trial of William Jefferson Clinton. A vivid example of 1984 updated to 1999.

All network and cable television plus radio available not only interrupted the trial manager's presentations with commentary from alleged experts informing the audience what they would be seeing, but then the screen is plastered with statements, logos, pictures and current time. The graphical statements are so obnoxious as to tell the viewer what the House Manager is saying or has just said or weather reports or even that the impeachment trial is being held (my 27-inch screen is reduced to 9 inches).Except for MSNBC, none of the public television stations had the trial proceedings on the air live during the prosecution. But once the defense started, live broadcasts began with minimal interruptions.

The people don't need news readers and Clinton sympathizers to guide us to our (their) desired conclusion. Let the real journalists participate. Journalists are readily identifiable because they are the individuals who care more about facts and reporting integrity than hairstyling and cosmetic dentistry. They also understand the words coming out of their own mouth even with more than one syllable.

But, of course, how can I be so presumptuous to suggest that the only impeachment trial of an elected president in the history of our country would be important enough for us minuscule Americans to have the opportunity to view uninterrupted.

George Orwell lives.

Charles D. Buttgereit