CLEARFIELD -- The City Council has granted preliminary approval to a proposal by the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars for a Korean War Memorial in Fisher Park, 700 S. 1000 East.

The groups want to have a memorial erected there by June of 2000 to honor participants in the Korean War.At a recent meeting, the Council had concerns about adding anything new to Fisher Park because of its extensive redesign that should take place in the next few years. They don't want to deal with the possible future relocation of such a monument.

However, the Council and the veterans agree that Fisher Park is the best location for such a memorial because of its high visibility, near Clearfield High School, the city swimming pool, I-15 and busy 700 South.

City Manager Jack Bippes suggested the city allocate money in its 1999-2000 fiscal budget for a redesign of the park on paper. With elevations and locations known, the memorial could be erected without causing any conflicts when actual park remodeling takes place.

As a second option, the Council designated Central Park, by City Hall and Center Street, as another possible location for the Korean Memorial. They declined using any of the city's sports parks to house the memorial.