I'm sorry, Delta Air Lines. You run a great airline, but this time you have it all wrong. So you figure it costs you $2 to process a round-trip ticket unless the consumer uses the Internet? Was this a new expense that just hit today, or has it always been there as a cost of doing business? If so, it is already represented in the cost of the ticket.

And if the ticket purchaser uses the Internet, saving Delta this cost, you owe him/her a $2 credit, just as many gas stations offer a discount for cash instead of credit cards.According to the article (Jan. 14, A1), other major airlines may follow suit. Well, they may if they think they can get away with it. How many airline tickets are purchased every day in the United States by people who do not have access to the Internet? Is this discrimination? Can you spell class-action lawsuit?

Airline tickets change in price daily, and $2 is certainly not a huge price increase. But be honest about it.

Scott M. Harmer