From Evergreen Research . . . Appetite Control Buttons -- "the only product on the market designed to control sweet cravings."The buttons employ aromacology. That is, when you inhale, millions of tiny nostril receptors message the brain. Their pungent odor nudges your hypothalmus -- curbing the cravings.

The fumes eminating from the pin-on button are a potent mix of Natural Indonesian Peppermint Oil and Brazilian Menthol Oil. Evergreen says the smell fools the brain into thinking that you're full.

Or a fool.

Hey! They didn't work for me . . . and I ate every one!

To order call 1-800-523-1256. The buttons come two to a pack and last 14 days each. All for $9.95.


Want to win a fall weekend for two at Vermont's Kedron Valley Inn?

It's the grand prize in this year's Kretschmer Wheat Germ Easy and Delicious Recipe Contest, along with a cooking lesson from Ken Haedrich, celebrated cookbook author and baker . . . AND $1,500 cash.

Three categories may be entered: (1) muffins, biscuits, coffee cakes and other breads; (2) cookies and other desserts and (3) main dishes. Each recipe must include at least 1/2 cup of wheat germ and no more than 12 ingredients (excluding water, salt and pepper). Entries must be postmarked by midnight April 1, 1999; or e-mail recipes to (

For contest rules, send a stamped, self-addressed business-size envelope to KRETSCHMER WHEAT GERM CONTEST RULES, P.O. Box 543, Barrington, IL 60011. Or, contact


The Wheat Foods Council and American Baker's Association are sponsoring a contest -- "Bread: Memories and Traditions of a Lifetime."

Cash totaling $10,000 will be presented to winning, unpublished, bread-based recipes and memories that recall fun times with friends and family.

Selected entries will be published in a booklet -- with proceeds to benefit the Spina Bifida Association of America (SBAA).

The SBAA recommends women of child-bearing age increase their consumption of enriched grain products -- which contain folic acid. Folic acid hasa been targeted as an essential factor in decreasing the incidence of spina bifida.

For more info, contact the Wheat Foods Council by mail at: Bread Contest/NMK, 2405 Grand Blvd., #700, Kansas City, MO 64108-2522; or phone at: 816-474-9407, ext. 264.