Teen drivers will get more supervised practice before being turned loose on Utah streets and highways under a bill approved by a Senate committee Tuesday.

SB12 requires young Utahns to receive 30 hours of on-road driving experience while in possession of a learner's permit.The bill delays the age at which teens can get their regular, provisional driver's license from 16 to 16 and three months. And it prevents them from driving late at night without adult supervision until they are 16-and-a-half.

According to statistics presented at the hearing, 77 Utah teenagers -- both drivers and passengers -- were killed in traffic accidents in 1997.

Steve Blackstone of the National Transportation Safety Board said inexperience and immaturity are the culprits in most accidents involving teens.

Blackstone said a similar graduated driver's licensing system in Florida has reduced the crash rate for teens ages 15-17 by nine percent.

"Twenty-six states have found a way to make this work and save lives," Sen. Scott Howell, D-Granite, said of the bill he is sponsoring.