Here is a way to save Social Security and reduce taxes at the same time. Both of these things are needed sufficiently to warrant taking heroic measures to achieve.

The plan is to pay Social Security out of the gigantic interest now being paid on our national debt. After all, that money in the treasury (or should be in the treasury) belongs to all Americans, not just to the wealthy who have been getting richer on the interest on Treasury T-bills. Then, at the death of each person receiving Social Security, let him or her return what he or she received less what his or her heirs have need of, if the deceased has savings. The balance can go to pay off the national debt. Let the high domes figure out an equitable way of paying off those with large T-bill holdings.This is not socialism. It is simply playing fair with Joe Blow, who has been contributing to the growth of America without his fair share of reward for it.

Of course, the wealthy will scream bloody murder at the thought of paying Joe Blow for his share of increasing the wealth of America. But this plan leaves everybody freedom to work out new plans to increase their own wealth and that of everyone else by careful saving and investing. There is just the jolt of realizing that this huge sum of money belongs to all of us and should not be made available only to the rich and powerful.

This plan would save many struggling businesses that are being crushed by the exorbitant Social Security taxes on their payroll. And it would give these employees much more to spend, with a corresponding increase in business.

Earl Stowell