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Don’t rush Clinton trial

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I am writing in regards to Sen. Orrin Hatch's Jan. 8 My View stating that the impeachment trial is diverting "Congress' attention away from key issues." It is my opinion that no issue is as "key" as this current issue for the United States Senate.

Now is the time to defend the law of the land, the Constitution of the United States. Our senators were sworn and elected to defend the Constitution, not to defend the president. It is not a time for compromise but for upholding the principles that have enabled our country to achieve greatness.What issue could be more "key" than to carry through on an impeachment trial of a president who has been accused of committing perjury and other crimes? In this instance there is nothing more important than in bringing all facts to light regarding the charges of impeachment.

Great courage and solemnity were demonstrated by the House of Representatives in attempting to comply with their oath of office. I encourage Sen. Hatch and Sen. Bob Bennett, along with the rest of the Senate, to look at the issue at hand as the most important of the moment and take the time needed to hear the evidence and then judge to uphold the law of our land.

Lorraine Morin