For now, at least, the Utah House won't be putting their floor debates and votes live on the Internet.

The House Republican caucus voted Thursday not to take advantage of the new technology that would allow "real time" audio of their sessions over the Internet.Floor debates are already broadcast over the Legislature's internal computer network inside the Capitol. That allowed Rep. Blake Chard, R-Layton, a computer consultant, to sit at his desk in the House this week and listen to the Senate's floor debate on two of his bills.

But a number of House Republicans are worried that they could be heard to say something stupid or make a mistake that would haunt them.

It could also invite House members to use up time speaking to their constituents. "People will feel compelled to talk. It will impede our work, we'll slow down a lot," said Rep. Bill Wright, R-Elberta.

Rep. Jordan Tanner, R-Provo, said after the GOP caucus he couldn't believe what he was hearing from his Republican colleagues. "We're not willing to let the public hear what we are doing, what we are saying? Who could say that?" he said.

Meanwhile, House Democrats in their Thursday caucus voted overwhelmingly to allow such broadcasts. And with the number of Republicans who want them that would be a majority of the whole 75-member body. But there may have to be a floor motion and a vote of the whole body for that to happen.