The names of the Church's stakes were changed "to reflect their geographic locations," according to an article in the Jan. 26, 1974, Church News.The announcement was made by the First Presidency during the previous week, the article stated.

"Under the new naming system, existing stakes, and all new stakes organized in the future, will be designated by the name of the city and the state, province or country in which the stake headquarters is located," the article said.

Examples given of name changes were: Adelaide Stake to the Adelaide Australia Stake and the Swiss Stake to the Zurich Switzerland Stake.

The article continued: "In cities having more than one stake, the stake name will follow the pattern, such as in Denver, where stakes are newly designated as Denver Colorado Stake and Denver Colorado North Stake. The former Denver West Stake is now the Arvada Colorado Stake because the stake center is in Arvada."

Two Glendale stakes were renamed Glendale Arizona Stake and Glendale California Stake.

"Salt Lake Stake, the oldest continuous stake in the Church, will retain its name unchanged. But 48 other stakes in Salt Lake City have added a 'Salt Lake' prefix to their former names, but do not include 'Utah' in the name," according to the article.

"Growth of the Church throughout the world is typified in the experience of President Spencer W. Kimball," the article said.

It noted that when he became a stake president in 1938, there were 120 stakes in the Church. At the time he joined the Quorum of the Twelve in 1943, there were 144 stakes and when he became president of the Church on Dec. 30, 1973, there were 630 stakes.