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Furniture line is purrfect for furry friends

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ALBANY, N.Y. -- Almost any cat owner will tell you that their tabby is used to being pampered and is accustomed to the finer things in life.

But if you don't allow kitty in bed with you, don't fret. You can go furniture shopping instead. A trip to most pet stores will put you in touch with a fun line of bedding for your feline.There are kitty hammocks starting at around $20. The hammocks feature a padded plush washable pad that is connected to a metal form. The suspended bed never gets lumpy or disheveled.

One company, Doskocil Manufacturing of Arlington, Texas, makes a line of Kat Furniture from Petmate of durable plastic pieces with plush bedding, designed for various rooms of the house.

Consider the TV bed for $54.99 for the family room, or the sock drawer bed and armchair bed in the bedroom. The $69.99 armchair also could fit in the living room or the kitchen.