"Jan Graham wants Utah's congressmen to sign an affidavit affirming or denying extramarital sexual affairs." (Deseret News, Dec. 22). What a ludicrous request or action. What is it that Graham and most Democrats just do not get or understand?

During the impeachment hearings, two Democrat congressmen alluded to the same stupid thing. One said something about if all congressmen were "kicked out" for sexual indiscretions, then there would be very few left. The other one said something about sexual misdeeds becoming a litmus test in order to hold office.Nowhere in the hearings did I hear that Clinton was being impeached for his many illicit sexual relationships. It was not sex. It was perjury, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

If Clinton had been a Republican, the Democrats would not even have had to worry about impeachment. The NOW organization and the women of like persuasion would have run him out of office a long time ago. Or if the economy was sour or unemployment high . . . same results . . . he would be out.

Where did I miss something? I did not know that the results of the opinion polls were the criteria for making the final judgment.

I thought that the steps outlined in the Constitution were to be followed so that justice might prevail. The high and mighty judged by the same rules as the poor and lowly. Then what is the problem? If perjury is grounds for a person to be removed from office, then so be it.

The words on our coins will need to be changed from "In God We Trust" to "In the Polls We Trust"

Keith Carter