Since fighting against the Kaiparowits power plant in the '70s, I have been concerned about the environment and read with interest the "Grand wilds agenda in West" article in Sunday's paper. Some disturbing trends in the environmental movement recently, however, make it impossible for me to join with today's so-called "environmentalists." There are four or five major problems that they need to address if they are going to have any credibility with anyone who has grown up in nature. I can only address one of these concerns in the space allotted here.

Today's "environmentalists" have forgotten who is running the show. They've lost faith in the system. If you believe in evolution, as they do, then there is no creator, and you begin to think that we are the power here on this Earth. How narrow a viewpoint. I have kayaked and run rivers enough to know that the real power is in God and nature.Global warming? Nature has handled it many times before, if there even is such a thing. Years of experience in the wilds have taught me that nature will be just fine. I believe the Creator when he says there is "enough and to spare," but it must be used "with judgement, not to excess, neither by extortion." In fact I can think of no time when he has ever lied to me or anyone else.

Not so with "environmentalists." We all remember statements from this group of people such as: "The oil fires from Desert Storm will take five years to control and will darken the Earth, making climatic changes."

How about: "There are no plans to create a new national monument in Utah."

Here is another good one: "Spotted owls must have old growth forests to survive." Why would they publish these lies? Because large amounts of money can be gathered from donations if they can create a perceived problem like global warming, spotted owls, ecosystems, etc.

Amazing what people will do for money, isn't it?

Ron Hamblin