Anyone out there heard of Johnnie Johnson?

You know that song "Johnny B. Goode"? Well, he helped write it with Chuck Berry. In fact, Johnson -- a pianist -- has been Berry's collaborator for more than 40 years.Well, Johnson is the subject of a recent biography, "Father of Rock & Roll: The Story of Johnnie 'B. Goode' Johnson" (Thomas, Cooke & Co.). The book comes with a CD anthology that gives readers a sense of what Johnson did as band leader for Berry. The book was written over a five-year period by Travis Fitzpatrick, a University of Texas student.

Throughout his career, Johnson has been overshadowed by Berry and the other musicians he worked with -- John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy and the late Jimmy Rogers.

But in the past few years, Johnson's name and work have been popping up all over the place. In fact, in 1991, he recorded a solo album called "Johnnie B. Bad." The album even garnered a Grammy nomination. And since 1995, George Turek, a businessman from Houston, has been using his resources to get Johnson inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Johnson's most recent honor came when he received the Congressional Citation from the Congressional Black Caucus for his Lifetime Achievement in music.

Go, Johnnie, go!

-- SPEAKING OF HONORS: Wyclef Jean will have a chance to give his side of the success story that shot band mates Pras and Lauryn Hill into the spotlight.

The three were part of the group, the Fugees. And things have been rocking in their camp.

The Haitian-bred Jean will appear on VH1's "Storytellers" on Sunday, Nov. 21, at 10 p.m.

He was most recently heard on Santana's No. 1 smash album, "Supernatural."

During the "Storytellers" segment, which features the spotlighted artist in an intimate concert setting, Jean will talk about the stories behind such songs as "Guantanamera," his duet with U2's Bono on "New Day" and his collaboration with Whitney Houston on "My Love Is Your Love."

On a side note, Shelia E. will also make an appearance with Jean on the show.

-- BAILIN' ON HALEN: Van Halen is, once again, voiceless. The Southern California band has parted ways with its third lead singer, Gary Cherone.

Cherone replaced Sammy Hagar, who had, in turn, replaced David Lee Roth.

The three core Van Halen members -- bassist Michael Anthony, drummer Alex Van Halen and guitarist Edward Van Halen -- announced they will still continue as a band.

What Van Halen really needs to do is an instrumental album. C'mon, guys, just focus on the music. Don't even worry about a vocalist. That's what you all should have done the moment Sammy left.