Someone needs to tell Jack Meyer that our country is not a democracy; we are a representative republic. If he doesn't know the difference, he should go to the library and do some research.

And talk about slander. What proof does Mr. Meyer have that Stuart Reid's people tore down Anderson's signs and mailed out slanderous fliers? The person I would have voted for, if I had been able to, didn't make it through the primaries either. But Reid's TV ads just stated facts. Anderson is an ACLU attorney, and that organization has a history of defending the "rights"' of criminals and whiners far more than that of real victims. Since when is the truth slander?Mr. Meyer, my perspective of liberalism comes from watching what has happened to this country the past 30 years: moral decay and big government creeping toward socialism. But you're the one that called liberals demonic clones of Bill Clinton. I didn't.

Yes, I will always vote conservative as a matter of principle, since conservatism has higher morals, values and standards.

Cyndy McMullin