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Beeline to Einstein'sUntil the end of 1999, Einstein Bros. Bagels will donate 5 percent from the sale of each Dozen Bagel Buckets to Share Our Strength, a national anti-poverty/hunger organization. In past years, SOS money has funded Utah hunger initiatives.

Einstein Bros. has developed a new fancy-schmancy menu that is "mind-bagelling." They've expanded from just bagels and added specialty foods to their repertoire. Our faves: Santa Fe scrambled egg sandwich with scallions, cheese, turkey sausage, green chilies, ancho lime salsa and pepper jack cheese; Asian chicken salad; grilled eggplant and goat cheese on a baguette and hot turkey pastrami Reuben on challah.

The Bros.' goal is to raise $100,000 for SOS.

While you're helping, nab a container of honey almond cream cheese -- the shmear of the year!

Weight . . . wait!

When 214-pound Jean Nidetch attended a free diet clinic sponsored by the New York City Board of Health, she successfully lost 20 pounds (not in one day!). But in time her motivation began to wane.

It was when she was wallowing in "wanes world" that Nidetch invited a few corpulent friends to her home where she bravely confessed her previously hidden crummy cookie habit.

Every week the women returned to dish at Nidetch's diet discussion group. And each week they lost weight. Nidetch realized her group was onto something and that emotional support and empathy were key components to long-term weight loss.

Seventeen years later, she sold her company, called Weight Watchers, to the H.J. Heinz company for $72 million.

Not spam . . . Pam!

In a hurry? Here's your answer to a busy T-Giving:

Two-hour turkey

14-17-pound turkey

Garlic flavor Pam

Butter flavor Pam


Spray the thawed turkey generously (inside and out) with both flavors of Pam. Sprinkle on thyme. Wrap turkey in foil and bake in the oven at the highest heat setting possible. After an hour, take the turkey's internal temperature. When the thermometer registers 150 degrees F., remove foil and place back in oven at 350 degrees F. for the remainder of the two-hour period so the turkey browns.