I do not agree with your editorial "A sad ending for light-rail line" (Nov. 9), and I commend the City Council for its decision and hope council members will hang tough amid the pressure upon them.

The 400 South/500 South/Foothill Drive corridor serves, in effect, as the fourth quadrant of Salt Lake City's I-215 belt route. It handles a large volume of traffic. It provides for convenient turns, right and left, at every intersection. Most of the businesses on 400 South were established there for the convenience of customers who arrive in automobiles.400 South is already a busy street, and it has been projected that its traffic load will increase by 50 percent because of the new I-15 off- and onramps. In addition, the placement of light rail on the 400 South to 500 South curve promises to be a congestive, dangerous and expensive mess.

I believe that 400 South should be allowed to continue doing what it does well. The addition of light rail would compromise its highest and best use.

J. Allen Kimball

Salt Lake City