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Remember Rocky as Ross?

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I can't believe that the residents of Salt Lake City elected an ACLU attorney as mayor. "Rocky" Anderson is the same Ross Anderson who ran for Congress a few years ago and was defeated due to his liberal views. Why did he change his name? Doesn't he want people to know his real identity?

No, I am not a resident of Salt Lake City, but I do live in the valley, and many of the decisions made by the mayor of Salt Lake City affect people beyond the city limits. That is why I think all registered voters in the Salt Lake Valley should be able to vote in the Salt Lake mayoral race.This feels like deja vu when the citizens of this country elected and re-elected Bill Clinton. It is sad and frightening to see liberals being elected to office, which is causing the destruction of the family and tearing apart the moral fiber of this great country (i.e. same sex marriages, the murder of the innocent unborn, gays in the military, more government regulations and intrusion into private lives and businesses, extremely high taxes taken from the hardworking to spend on social programs that give handouts to the nonworking and often make it impossible for women to stay home and raise their children, etc., etc.)

Cyndy McMullin