BAGHDAD -- An Iraqi newspaper said on Monday that President Saddam Hussein has given orders to pay 25 million dinars (about $14,000) to air defense troops who succeed in shooting down a hostile aircraft.CROATIA

ZAGREB -- Croatia will drop all charges against World War II concentration camp guard Nada Sakic, extradited from Argentina last year to face war crimes charges, for lack of evidence.


JAKARTA -- Indonesian loyalists in East Timor said on Monday they were heading for Jakarta to seek arms, fearing civil war if the restive territory gained independence.


MOSCOW -- President Boris Yeltsin had a birthday visit from his prime minister and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church on Monday as he turned 68 convalescing from an ulcer, the Kremlin said.


JERUSALEM -- A campaign slogan for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu portraying him as "a strong leader for a strong people" drew comparisons to Nazi propaganda from political foes on Monday.


LARNACA -- Two Israeli agents operating under cover in Cyprus were jailed for three years by a court on Monday for approaching restricted military zones.


LAGOS -- Up to 19 people were killed in weekend clashes between youths and Nigerian security forces near an oil export terminal in the river Niger Delta.


MEXICO CITY -- Mexico put out an international alert Sunday for 12 paintings by Rufino Tamayo, one of the country's most famous painters, that were stolen from an exhibition last week.


FRANKFURT -- Germany's biggest union, IG Metall, warned Sunday that it would conduct a barrage of warning strikes all this week to pressure for a 6.5 percent wage hike.

FRANKFURT -- Russia's secret service has given the German Red Cross files on 30,000 Germans who disappeared at the end of World War II.


ANKARA -- A top Turkish foreign ministry official said on Monday that a plane carrying fugitive Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan had touched down at Athens airport.


ALGIERS -- Muslim rebels slashed the throats of 12 villagers in two separate attacks overnight in western Algeria, government security forces said on Monday.


BUCHAREST -- Snowstorms and cold weather claimed 13 lives in Romania over the weekend.


MONTERREY -- Two members of the Texas music group Intocable and their manager were killed Sunday when their vehicle skidded off a highway and crashed.


TEHRAN -- School bells rang and helicopters showered flowers on the tomb of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini Monday as Iran marked the 20th anniversary of his return from exile.


VATICAN CITY -- Pope John Paul II canceled all his scheduled meetings Monday because of what the Vatican said was a bout of flu.