A bill known as HB9 is being proposed to the Utah Legislature that would give teachers $225 a year to spend on supplies and field trips. (Currently, they receive $128). I fully support this bill. Growing up in a household full of educators, I know firsthand how much unpaid overtime and personal money goes into teaching children. Frequently my mother, a kindergarten teacher in the overpopulated Jordan School District, would have to foot the bill for paper, scissors and books for the children to read. She and her co-workers also bought a lot of toys and games for the students to play with for free time and rainy day recesses. My father, a high school teacher in the same district, also had to use the money to upgrade his technology to fit the school's standards. He and another teacher combined their allocated money to buy one new printer for him. Since all of their money was used on this one thing, they had none for the rest of the year. Next year they again will combine their money to buy the other teacher a printer.

The bill would help Utah's children to not go without the learning materials they need to enhance their education. I hope the legislators will recognize that this extra money would help Utah's teachers provide a better education for our children. I would encourage them to support this bill.Lori Labrum