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Tennessee recaptures killer who escaped in guard garb

DECATURVILLE, Tenn. -- A convicted killer who police say dressed as a guard and got a sympathetic female correctional officer to escort him out of a state prison is back behind bars.

David Britt, 25, was arrested Tuesday without incident about 15 miles from the South Central Correctional Facility from which he fled Saturday.A Decaturville resident spotted Britt hiding behind a barn, grew suspicious and called authorities, said David Maness, chief deputy for the Decatur County Sheriff's Department.

Britt ran into woods behind the barn when Deputy Michael Harralston drove up but gave himself up before he got too far. "He looked kind of scruffy, like he'd been toughing it out in the woods or something," Maness said.

Christine McClain, 41, a guard at the prison operated by Corrections Corporation of America, was arrested on a felony charge of aiding an escape, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokesman Mark Gwyn said.

McClain is due in court Feb. 8.

Britt pleaded guilty in 1990 to killing Fayette Academy coach Kenny Oakley, the husband of a teacher's aide with whom Britt began an affair when he was a teenager.