AMERICAN FORK -- The number of victims allegedly abused sexually by a 15-year-old American Fork boy has swelled to 28, and the investigation is continuing.

Police Lt. Andy Hale said the suspect is recalling more names of victims as the investigation goes forward. Some are from Draper while most of the victims are from American Fork.The investigation began Thursday after the youth reportedly told his parents he had abused 17 boys. The parents then took their son to police.

The boys are acquaintances and children the teen babysat or spent time with at some point over the past eight years. Some were abused as infants.

The suspect is currently in his parent's custody and is undergoing counseling. He does not pose a flight risk or further endangerment to the community, said Sgt. Gregg Ludlow.

"His parents have been really good about this whole thing," said Ludlow. "They have been super supportive."

Victims are being interviewed individually, and that process is time consuming. Each interview involves traveling to Provo to the Children's Justice Center and working with one Child Protective Service's worker assigned to the case.

"We have been working with social workers to help us during the interviews," Ludlow said. "But it's going to take a while; we have a lot of interviews to complete."

Hale said scheduling victims and their parents is difficult as well. The victims range in current age from four to 17.

The suspect and his family lived in Draper prior to moving to American Fork about seven years ago.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.